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Noh Theater Workshop

Online: Available

This workshop is held by a professional Noh actor.

Noh Theater is one of the world’s oldest performing arts and the oldest theater among three traditional Japanese theaters.
Noh consists of music, dance and drama elements, originating in the 14th century. Together with rich and heavy costumes, masks are also used by the main actor. Due to it Noh is also called a “mask drama.” This slow yet poetic, almost dream-like performance usually tells a story drawn from legends, history and literature. Many of the themes relate to dreams, supernatural worlds, ghosts and spirits.
Noh was developed together with Kyogen, comical pieces performed during interludes of the main Noh performance. The dual art of Noh and Kyogen has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

During this experience the Noh actor will talk about Noh and introduce masks used in the performance. He will also teach the actual stage movement and acting.
If two actors or more are reserved it will be possible to enjoy a Noh theater performance.

Online: Available

Price (tax included)
55.000 yen per one Noh actor
Online: the price is the same, but you will need to pay for the venue we will be streaming from. Venue fee 10.000 – 15.000 yen
Number of Participants
Cancellation fee applies after the reservation has been confirmed.
From the day of confirmation until 8 days before the workshop the cancellation fee per actor is 15.000 yen.
If the cancelation was done within 7 days before the workshop then the fee is equal to 100% of the total price.
Time required
In case of one actor: 45 minutes
In case of two or more actors: 60 minutes
Hotel you are staying at
Rental venue or hall
Online: A place with a stable internet connection
The price does not include rental venue fee.