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Nioi Bukuro – Kyoto Traditional Scent Sachets

Online: Available

Create your own unique scent using nine types of incense.

During this experience you will create your own unique scent sachet. Scent sachets have a very long history in Japan. They have been used as perfumes or bug repellants for more than 1000 years.
You will start your experience with choosing the base for your scent sachet. There are two bases: a traditional one and a slightly sweet one. Next by adding extra ingredients you will create your own unique scent. Finally step is to create the sachet by putting the created blend inside a chirimen silk pouch.
Incense and ingredients you can choose from are: sandalwood, cassia, clove, star anise, spikenard, musk, sweet spices, vanilla, borneol.

Online: Available
When taking online class we ask you to prepare:
Trash bag

Price (tax included)
2750 yen per person
(Venue fee included)

3630 yen per person
(Shipping included)
Number of Participants
20 – 50 people
Online: from 20 people (no upper limit)
Time required
60 minutes
Online: 60 – 90 minutes
Rental venue
Hotel you are staying at

Online: A place with a stable internet connection
The price does include rental venue fee.

* An experience in the craftsman's workshop is also possible.
Number of Participants: up to 20 people
Price: 2530 yen per person
Time: 60 – 90 minutes