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Nohgaku theatre experience in a reserved Nohgaku Theatre (Noh and Kyogen)

Experience Nohgaku at rented Kongo Nohgaku Theater

Nohgaku is a traditional performing art that has been handed down unchanged for 600 years, and is the only performing art in the world that has remained unchanged for such a long period of time. It is for this reason that in May 2001, Nohgaku, the dual art of Noh and Kyogen, was designated by UNESCO as the first Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World, making it a worldwide phenomenon.
We will reserve the Kongo Nohgaku Theater, which is the only Noh theater in Kyoto where the head of the school exists, and we will have workshops by Kongo-style Noh actors and Okura-style Kyogen actors, followed by a performance of Nohgaku [both Noh and Kyogen].

Price (tax included)
3 Noh actors and 2 Kyogen actors 352000 yen (price for students)
3 Noh actors and 2 Kyogen actors 704000 yen (price for adults)
Number of Participants
100 - 420 people
Time required
90 minutes
Kongo Nohgaku Theater
The price does include rental venue fee.