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Zazen – The Seated Zen Meditation (in a Buddhist Temple)

Zazen is a form of meditation in Japanese Zen Buddhism practiced in a cross-legged seated position. Through meditation practitioners are setting their minds in a state of relaxed attention. This state of mind helps them move toward the Enlightenment. By practicing Zazen you can experience Buddhist mindfulness and engage with Japanese traditions that go back to the 13th Century.

Immerse yourself in meditation at one of the old Buddhist temples which is not open to the public.

Price (tax included)
1320 yen per person
It is possible to book this experience for less than 10 people. In such a case the price for 10 people is still required. Temple rental fee is included in the price.
Number of Participants
10 – 100 people
Time required
60 minutes
Buddhist temple in Kyoto area which is not open to the public.
Cancellation Policy
50% refund if canceled 1 month in advance
No refund if canceled 1 week in advance or less.