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Hana Kanzashi – Traditional Hairpin with Ornamental Flowers

Online: Available

Experience Tsumami-zaiku pinching craft and make a hairpin or a brooch.

Tsumami-zaiku is a unique Japanese technique in which a thin piece of cloth cut into small squares is pinched and folded with tweezers, then pasted onto a base to create various designs in an embossed style.
The craft of Tsumami-zaiku started in the 17th Century. In the 18th Century traditional combs, ornamental hairpins, and decorative paper balls made of this material became very popular among court ladies and shogun's wives. In the beginning of the 19th Century specialized suppliers appeared. Since then Tsumami-zaiku pinching became a craft loved by various classes of people.
Using tweezers specially designed for Tsumami-zaiku, pieces of cloth are pinched into various shapes and pasted to create an embossed style hairpin.
You will also be able to take home a Tsumami-zaiku brooch.

Online: Available
When taking online class we ask you to prepare:
Trash bag, craft scissors, wet towel or wet tissues

Price (tax included)
2750 yen per person
(Venue fee included)

2860 yen per person
(Shipping included)
Number of Participants
10 – 100 people
Online: from 10 people (no upper limit)
Time required
60 minutes
Online: 60 – 90 minutes
Rental venue
Hotel you are staying at

Online: A place with a stable internet connection