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Kyoyaki – Kyoto Ceramics Decoration

Experience decorating traditional hand-made Kyoyaki teacups, mugs, and rice bowls

Kyoto traditional ceramics are called Kyoyaki or Kiyomizu-yaki. The history of pottery in Kyoto started in the 8th Century with earthenware made in kilns in the eastern parts of the city. In the 15th Century a new technique using glaze was introduced from China. This is also a time since when Kyoto potters started to decorate ceramics with vivid colors.
There are two types of Kyoto ware decoration: overglaze decoration, when the decoration is applied at the top of already fired and glazed pottery, and underglaze decoration, when the decoration is applied at a piece before firing and glazing.
There are five colors to choose from when making the overglaze decoration. Using this technique makes it possible to correct the coloring if necessary. In contrast there is only one color available when doing the underglaze decoration, and once the color and pattern are applied, there is no way to correct it.

Price (tax included)
Overglaze decoration
Tea cup, rice bowl 1980 yen per person
Mug 2200 yen per person

Underglaze decoration
Tea cup 1430 yen per person

(Venue fee included)
Number of Participants
Overglaze decoration 10 – 200 people
Underglaze decoration 30 – 200 people
Time required
60 minutes
Rental venue
Hotel you are staying at
The piece you decorated has to dry and needs to be fired. Therefore it will be sent to you 1 month after the experience.
The price does include rental venue fee.

* An experience in the craftsman's workshop is also possible.
[The experience will be a pottery experience using a potter’s wheel.]
Number of Participants: up to 20 people
Price: 2750 yen per person
Time: 60 – 90 minutes