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Maiko Experience in a Traditional Tea House (For Individual Clients)

Playing with Maiko at the "Ochaya" Traditional Tea House in Gion district

Maiko (a young Geiko in training) and Geiko (also known as Geisha in other parts of Japan) are traditional female entertainers who perform dances with an accompaniment of Japanese traditional music. Their elegant dance in beautiful kimono can be seen mainly during exclusive parties, which for most of the time are off limits for common clients. During this experience you will be able to enjoy the Kyoto style traditional dance performance, take pictures, spend time chatting with Maiko and play simple games with her.
The experience is held at a traditional teahouse in Gion district, which is not usually open to visitors without an introduction.

Price (tax included)
77000 yen for one group
A seating fee of 500 yen per person will be charged if the event is held outside of the designated time frame.
Number of Participants
About 20 people
Time required
5pm - 6pm
Time frame designated by the Teahouse
Gion district
Meals and drinks are not included in the price.