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Maiko Experience in a Traditional Tea House (For Individual Clients)

Playing with Maiko at the "Ochaya" Traditional Tea House in Miyagawacho district

Enjoy hanging out with Maiko at the exclusive "Miyagawacho Tea House".

Experience 2.5 hours at the "Gion Tea House". Enjoy watching Maiko dances, conversing, taking photos, playing simple games with Maiko, and fully experiencing the tea house entertainment. You can choose from bento boxes or kaiseki meals for dining.

Price (tax included)
Seat fee: +¥14,300/person
Bento box fee: +¥8,800/person or Kaiseki meal fee: +¥16,500/person
Drinks are charged separately.
Number of Participants
Up to 20 people
Time required
18:00 - 20:30
Miyagawa-Cho district
Cancellation Policy
50% refund if canceled 1 month in advance
No refund if canceled 1 week in advance or less.