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Urushi – Japanese Lacquerware Decoration Workshop

Online: Available

During this workshop you will experience Maki-e, the art of decorating urushi lacquerware by sprinkling, spraying or inlaying with gold, silver, mother-of-pearl and tin. The decoration will be applied on an urushi covered round or square wooden tray, wooden soup bowl or hand mirror.

Normally Maki-e technique is applied on lacquer made from the Japanese lacquer tree, but since it is poisonous, it is used only by professionals. Instead in this workshop we will be using lacquer made from a Cashew tree, which closely resembles Japanese lacquer tree and is also commonly used in Japan to produce urushi lacquerware.

Online: Available
In case of online workshop please prepare the following things:
Trash bag, Newsprint paper

After the workshop please put the brush in the enclosed envelope and send it back [cash on delivery].

Price (tax included)
Round tray, hand mirror, soup bowl - 2750 yen per person
(Venue fee included)

Round tray, hand mirror, soup bowl - 2970 yen per person
(Shipping included)
Number of Participants
10 – 100 people
Online: 10 – 50 people
Time required
60 minutes
Online: 60 - 90 minutes
Rental venue
Hotel you are staying at

Online: A place with a stable internet connection
* An experience in the craftsman's workshop is also possible.

[Learning from the Traditional Craftsman]
A qualified craftsman will teach the Maki-e decoration art, which will be applied on soup bowls.
Number of Participants: 5 – 12 people
Price: 2530 yen per person
Time: 60 – 90 minutes